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Keep It Clean, Keep It Safe

Anyone that has been to Oculus can attest that we have one of the cleanest, most sanitary facilities in the area. But as particular as we normally are, with the invisible threat of COVID-19 lingering on surfaces and floating in the air, we must adapt to the increased risks. Upon reopening our establishment, many new precautions will be in effect. While some of these precautions are only temporary, some will become part of our New Normal. Below we have outlined our detailed reopening plan in response to COVID-19, so that you can be confident your safety is our first priority.

​Extra Precautions (Temporary): 

Artists will initially operate by appointment only to limit the number of visitors in our facility each day. Please call us at 315.447.6754 or email if you are interested in booking a session, same-day accommodations might be a possibility. 

Artists will work a staggered schedule to reduce the number of people within the facility at one time. Our facility is over 2700 sq. ft. and with our limitations in effect, the maximum number of people in the building at one time is 8.  

Once you're in, you're in. We will enforce a strict no re-entry to limit the number of unknown outside contaminants our facility can be exposed to. 

Unfortunately we cannot allow guests to sit with clients for their appointment at this time.

Waiting areas will be considered closed and clients will be asked to remain in their cars until their appointment can start.

Our New Normal (Long Term/Ongoing): 

Artists and clients will be required to wear masks. Artists will wear only disposable masks when tattooing, changed for each client.

Hand sanitizing stations will be placed at the entrances to the facility and must be used by every person entering. 

All artists, clients, and visitors must sign into a daily log book and provide contact information, which will assist with contact tracing if ever necessary.

Updated paperwork will provide clients with information on COVID-19 and the risks of infection. 

To limit cross contamination between work and home, all of our artists will wear clean scrubs while in the facility. Scrubs will be changed into at the beginning of the work day, and again in between clients. They are then changed out of before leaving the facility. Scrubs will not be worn home or in cars. 

All artists will participate in daily infrared temperature checks, with temperatures entered in a log book for tracking purposes.

Artists are responsible for themselves and their clients. Anything they or their client touch must be sterilized. This includes: clipboards, pens, door handles, faucets, tables, countertops, etc. We will disinfect the restroom after each use. We believe the smartest approach to contamination control is to simply treat everything as if it's already contaminated.

One staff member per day will be dedicated to answering the phone to avoid cross contamination.

Existing 10’x10’ workstations for each artist allow for the maintaining of social distancing requirements as a group of two, the artist plus client, even when clients are in a supine position.

No client will be allowed to leave the workstation without proper bandaging of the tattoo.

Food and drink are not allowed in the workstations. 

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