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Attention Professional Tattoo Artists!

We have very high standards here at Oculus Tattoo, Inc. Our business is run by an Army Infantry veteran and his wife, who holds a BS in Business Administration. If you struggle with dependency issues, have excessive baggage, hygiene problems, or commonly show up late, we kindly ask that you refrain from applying. If you have not undergone an apprenticeship with a qualified mentor, we are unable to consider your application.

We are seeking a highly motivated tattoo artist with at least 3 years of experience, specializing in one or two particular styles. Our artists operate as independent contractors, running their own businesses within our facility.

We offer a flat-rate booth rent, allowing you to keep a larger portion of the money you earn. If you're a superstar, booking numerous appointments in a day, all that extra income is yours. Just keep us informed if the supply closet is running low on ink caps. If you prefer a more relaxed pace, that's fine too – just maintain a friendly attitude and do your thing. If you're interested in learning and growing as an artist and a business owner, we're here to help.

To summarize: please do not apply if you do not meet our standards. If you're in search of a clean, professional, and well-established facility where you can acquire the skills needed to become a successful tattoo artist and start your own thriving business, then we encourage you to apply.


Thanks for submitting!

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