Tattoo Artist

Derrick is a self taught artist, that took his tattoo apprenticeship at 17 years of age. He has traveled to many states learning from various artists, and finally finding his love for the industry in "free hand" tattooing. His designs, although drawn out on paper a small percentage of the time, are typically drawn right from his mind...onto the skin.  The design will be drawn (unless a stencil is adamantly preferred) right onto your skin to ensure that it IS one of a kind, and that it flows 100%, to your body's shape. He will take any references that you bring along, and create Your Tattoo combining aspects of them all. He keeps his craft unique to each person, in the fact that he will use basic knowledge, from communicating throughout your appointment, and add details as he tattoos; in order to tie the tattoo, even more uniquely, to your personality. Derrick's favorite tattoo to do, is a 'cover up'.  In his opinion, a 'cover up' takes a specific kind of artistic eye, that can layer your new tattoo in a way that utilizes the old tattoo, as a place for shadows or detail. The idea behind a 'cover up' to NOT be able to Tell that it is a cover up. Stay away from anyone that tells you that it will need to be a "grim reaper", "eight ball", "tribal" order to cover the tattoo (that you obviously don't care for, or that holds memories tied to a part of your life, that is no longer) Beautifully detailed artwork can cover that old tattoo better.