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The Most Awarded Tattoo Artist in NY
Cover-up Specialist

Matt is an Army infantry veteran who began his tattooing career in a street shop. Having to adapt to many different artistic styles and influences, the result is his high-intensity fusion of illustrative and realistic elements. Matt's artwork always turns heads, not only because of how stunning it looks, but because of the beautiful confidence it instills in his clients. Matt has over 150 tattoo awards, wouldn't you like to say that your tattoo won some gold?  

Matt is known especially for his cover-ups. His clever approach treats the old tattoo as the structure for which the new tattoo is disguising. When Matt covers another tattoo, there's no way to see what was there previously.  Many artists just slap a tattoo on top of the old one, allowing the covered artwork to resurface, which in Matt's opinion, is completely unacceptable.  If you're looking to cover something, it's because it wasn't a good tattoo/choice to begin with, or has unpleasant memories attached, and the goal should be get rid of any reminders, and not let them show through. 

Star Wars leg
Pirate Goldfish Ship
zombie at the beach
Toucan cover-up
skull covering leopard print
scarecrow skull
puppy portrait
freehand mountain stream
space owl sleeve
Time piece scar cover-up
Koi (based on one of the koi in the pond at the shop)
Star Wars helmets
pirate lady
skull covering tribal
floral shoulder
guitar neck
Lab Rat
Crow and sand timer
Baby dragon eating mint chip, cover-up
phoenix lady
Bride of Frankenstein
Hand Mirror cover-up
Rope Skull
Bat and Prickly Pear
Washington State
Greatful Dead Skull
Bat and cacti leg sleeve
Local Birds
Saltwater cover-up
lion/lion skull
shark bite cocktail
Military compass
Space sleeve (in progress)
wolf girl
Neo-traditional bunny
Big Cat sisters
Blood timer
Wizard of Oz
Neo-traditional jewels and roses
Black and Gray Roses
Neo-traditional Jackalope
Wolf skull
dog in space cover-up
Alabama State
Fancy cat fixer
seasons sleeve
Neo-traditional moth and flower
New York State
State of Maine
Floral thigh
space lady with tentacles
Neutral gray tiger cover-up
Mountain stream
of space and time
zombie unicorn
rose and scissors
Peacock cover-up process
peacock cover-up
Hello KittyPool
Backyard Birds
Eye and Flytraps
space owl
General Grevious
Anchor and Helm
Tiger and Spoon Daisy
Wolf skull
Skull rose morph
Bound skull
Sunflower and Monarch
Easter Bunny
Space sleeve cover-up
Grateful Dead Skull
Baby groot with Starlord Frap
Predator fresh and healed
Mini Zoo
Woodlands sleeve W.I.P.
Hip Hop
Stan the Man
Narwhal Donutimal
Puss in Boot
Chameleon Donutimal
Stygimoloch Donutimal
Walrus Donutimal
Indominus Rex Donutimal
Bird and pomegranate cover-up
Wash board
Eye and chompers
Another outer space cover-up
Flower garden W.I.P.
Classic musicians in space W.I.P.
Demon skulls
Bowie Chimp
Groot Solo
Watch and rose
Jack O'lantern
Cleat and lilies
Tiger and cherry blossoms
Woodland sleeve
Space sleeve
Patriotic humming bird
Jerry Garcia
Star wars sleeve 2
skull dagger


Pirate skull.jpg


Please read before you fill out the consult form.

Matt is a well known artist, because of this his schedule is very tight.  Please look at all of the artists working at Oculus, as Matt can't tattoo every client.  Matt is only taking large scale (multi session) projects and cover-ups at this time.  

Matt's standard rate is $250/hr, he also has a $700/3hr session, as well as $1,400/6hr session.  Portrait tattoos (of people) are $1,000 minimum, regardless of size.  Military and veterans will receive 10% off his standard rate.  

To book an appointment Matt requires a non-refundable $250 cash deposit.  The deposit is to secure each of your appointments and is deducted from your final tattoo session.  Matt requires a minimum 10 working day notice to reschedule (Matt works 4 days a week, therefore this period is nearly 3 weeks).  Failure to reschedule in the given time frame will result in forfeiture of deposit, and termination as a client.  Show up for your appointment on time, sober and clean.  

Matt will turn down some projects. He believes every tattoo should be unique, and every client deserves something just for them.  There are many tattoo themes that have been overdone.  As a result, Matt will no longer accept tattoos that include clocks, gears, pocket watches/compasses, silhouettes, angels vs demons, any thing "watercolor," praying hands, phoenixes, money as a rose, bars of music, family crests, or  krakens. He will also turn away anything hateful, drug related or generally a bad idea.  He will not tattoo portraits unless the photograph is a high resolution digital file. Matt will not work with anyone who is pushy, overly particular or disrespectful, a tattoo from Matt should be a fun and comfortable experience, for both artist and client.  

Matt and Oculus receive many tattoo requests (especially during tax season).  You may not get an immediate reply, be patient, we will get to you in the order received.  

A $250 deposit is required to book an appointment, this deposit will remain untouched until the final tattoo session, as it secures each appointment.  Deposits are non-refundable, and will be forfeited if you do not show up for your appointment, or fail to reschedule 10 working days prior to appointment date. 


Matt books out weeks-months in advance.  His rate $250/hr with a 3 hr minimum.  Portraits are automatically $1,000.  Cancelation/reschedule requests must be made 10 working days in advance.  

Tattoo location. Matt will not tattoo ribs, necks, heads or hands of new clients.
Matt only books consults, after his appointment for the day (usually starting at 4pm). What day of the week is best for your consult?
Do you live more than 2 hours from Syracuse?

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you as soon as possible.

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