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The Most Awarded Tattoo Artist of NY

Matt is an Army infantry veteran, who started out in a street shop. Having to adapt to many different artistic styles and influences, the result is his high-intensity fusion of illustrative and realistic elements. Matt's artwork always turns heads, not only because of how stunning it looks, but because of the beautiful confidence it instills in his clients. Matt has over 150 tattoo awards, wouldn't you like to say that your tattoo won some gold?  

Matt is known especially for his cover-ups.  His clever approach treats the old tattoo as the structure for which the new tattoo is disguising. When Matt covers another tattoo, there's no way to see what was there previously.  Many artists just slap a tattoo on top of the old one, which allows the covered artwork to resurface, which in Matt's opinion, is completely unacceptable.  If you're looking to cover something, it's because it wasn't a good tattoo/choice to begin with, or has unpleasant memories attached, and the goal should be get rid of any reminders, and not let them show through.  



Matt Is Always Creating Something

Be it a series of tattoos that follow a theme, clothing designs, or another shop remodeling project, he's always working on something new and exciting.  With the introduction of the photography studio, he is working on a new portfolio project with Sara.



A 50 Part Tattoo Series

Home is where the heart is, and though you may leave home, it should have a special place in your heart, and for some clients, it's a special place on their body!  Matt has an on-going project, that, when finished will be turned into a book.  The idea is that each of the 50 states are special, and while some things are obvious, there are others that make sense only to the person wearing the artwork.  Matt is still early in this project with only New York, Alabama, Washington, Maine, California and Hawaii complete.  Other states have been claimed, but haven't been tattooed yet, and many still remain.  Certain states are reserved for conventions only, like North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.  Want to be a part of the project?  Ask if your state is still available.  Special pricing is available.


Art For Your Walls

Matt doesn't go anywhere without his art supplies.  Constantly drawing, he continually produces new illustrations, that are in store ready to go home with you.  $10 gets you an 11x14" or 11x17" piece of artwork, ready for framing and display.


Love Your Clothing As Much As Your Tattoos

Not getting tattooed right now, but still want that Oculus flair?  Well, look no further, Matt and Derrick are screen printers.  Oculus Branded gear is always present and for sale, but they also take custom orders.  Visit MindlessDronePrinting.com for more information.