"Fox Den Gallery" Jewelry and Home Decor, Photographer

Sara is most likely the first face you'll see when you walk into our facility.  She runs the retail side of the business and makes things so much easier for the tattooers.  Sara is intelligent and familiar with each artist's style, likes and dislikes, so that she can get you set up with the perfect artist for your tattoo.  

Not stopping by for a tattoo?  Sara can help you with all of your other needs as well, she makes custom jewelry, she is knowledgable about Oculus Clothing Brand products, sizing and inventory.  In addition, she is the person to see about all of your photography needs.  

Are you a Tattoo Artist stopping by to purchase tattoo equipment and other products from Ultra Tattoo Supply?  Sara is your point of contact.  



Photography At Oculus

Oculus has it's own photography studio.  Sara is the main photographer, though the studio will be able to be rented by outside photographers as well.



More Than Just Pictures Of Tattoos

There will be a gallery of Sara's photography here soon.

Oculus Tattoo Lounge


105 Kreischer Rd.
North Syracuse, New York 13212



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