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Designer - Fox Den Gallery Jewelry & Decor
Studio Management

Sara is likely the first face you'll see when you walk into our studio. She runs the retail side of the business and manages the entire facility to makes things easier for the tattooers. Sara is intelligent and familiar with each artist's style and preferences so that she can get you set up with the right artist for your tattoo. As an apprentice and seller of tattooing supplies, she has significant knowledge in regards to the tattooing and healing processes. She can sell and provide advice for using aftercare products as well as answer most general questions.

Not stopping by for a tattoo? Sara can help you with all of your other needs! She designs and creates custom jewelry and home decor items through her brand Fox Den Gallery. She also manages Oculus merchandise and if you're interested in imaging work, she is a budding photographer.  

Are you a tattoo artist stopping by to purchase tattoo equipment and other products from Ultra Tattoo Supply? Sara is your point of contact.  

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Custom Handmade Jewelry & Home Decor

Unique, tattoo inspired jewelry and home decor items for wearable, yet removable, art!

Designs are small batch or one of a kind.

Incorporating natural stones, crystals, brass, a glass accents.

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More Than Just Pictures Of Tattoos
On or off site services, Sara can make you, your pets, or your products look great!

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