Because every tattoo should be outstanding.

We are the most awarded tattoo facility in the state of New York.  Does that mean we're the best?  Not necessarily, but it does mean that we take pride in our ability to do great artwork.  Time and time again, we've been able to prove ourselves in competition, so let us prove ourselves to you! Come get a tattoo from Oculus, and maybe help us attain our new goal of 200 tattoo awards.



Oculus Tattoo Lounge began as an idea; a space for an artist to produce artwork - both on and off the skin - without distraction. Just the Artist and the Artwork. This idea became Create Tattoo & Art Studio, my first private art studio. Create found success quickly and provided the opportunity for myself and Sara, my partner in business and in life, to develop the idea into a new business model. 

First we focused on building the studio's reputation based on my artwork and Sara's jewelry. With my knowledge of tattoo equipment combined with Sara's business background, we knew we could implement a way to provide local artists a convenient source for the products they needed within our studio. Ultra Tattoo Supply was well received by other tattooers. Traffic in and out of Create soon reached a point where we realized we had outgrown our small space. And so the hunt for the perfect facility began and our entire business structure changed. Incorporating the company meant we needed more than a name, we needed an identity. Oculus, Latin for "eye," was suggested by Sara to reflect one of my favorite drawing subjects. With plans to include a clothing line, we found the name fit our brand and our goals perfectly. 

We landed in a location downtown and continued to grow with other artists joining our team. But as our first year in downtown Syracuse came to a close, we couldn't help but feel like a decade had passed. A hit and run, a broken window, parking issues, undelivered mail, and artists who didn't share the core values that brought our company success. It became clear it was time to move, to find a better location, focusing on our valued clients in a peaceful environment. Now we have an amazing facility, with plenty of room for multiple artists within 3 different studios, as well as a fourth for photography.  



Oculus Tattoo Lounge


105 Kreischer Rd.
North Syracuse, New York 13212

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